Lawrence Welk Show
Dick Cathcart, Trumpet (1962-1968)
Part of Lawrence Welk's Famous Trumpet Backbone

Dick CathcartDick Cathcart  was a dixieland trumpeter best known for his "ghost playing" of Pete Kelly in the radio show, film and TV show Pete Kelly's Blues. He also worked with Alvino Rey, Ray McKinley, Bob Crosby, Ben Pollack and Ray Noble.  Cathcart was married to Peggy Lennon of the Lennon Sisters from 1964 until his death in 1993.
Dick Cathcart and Peggy LennonCathcart began playing the clarinet at age 4 and switched to trumpet at 13. His first job was with Bob Barnes at Indiana University. He worked with the U.S. Army Air Force Radio Orchestra during World War II, and with big bands before and after the war.

After leaving the Welk Show, Cathcart became a musical coordinator for the Lennon Sisters and played the annual Dixieland Festival in Sacramento. Cathcart passed away in 1993.