Lawrence Welk Show
Jimmy Getzoff, Violin (1960-1962)
Popular Violinist Was Youngest Member Of Los Angeles Philharmonic

Jimmy GetzoffJimmy Getzoff was a child prodigy and renowned violinist on the Lawrence Welk Show from 1960 to 1962, replacing Dick Kesner. Getzoff was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. At the age of 18, Getzoff became the youngest member to get a job with the Los Angeles Philharmonic before joining the Lawrence Welk Show in 1960. While on the Welk Show, Getzoff performed many popular violin songs including "Someone To Watch Over Me", "How Deep is The Ocean" and "Song From Moulin Rouge."
Glendale Symphony Orchestra Career
After leaving the Lawrence Welk Show in 1962, Getzoff went on to work with the Glendale Symphony Orchestra under Carmen Dragon for 25 years.   Jimmy's violinist hero is Jascha Heifetz. Heifetz heard Jimmy play when he was 16 years old and wrote a very complimentary letter. Many years later at a dinner gathering Heifetz asked, "Do you still practice?" Jimmy laughed, "I have to. I have a mother who still thinks I play better than you do".