Lawrence Welk Show
Harry Hyams, Violin (1961-1982)
Concert Violinist Played With Lawrence Welk For 21 Years

Harry HyamsHarry Hyams played the violin and viola on the Lawrence Welk Show from 1961 to 1982.   Hyams was born May 24, 1917 in New York, NY. Hyams attended the Julliard School and later played with New York Philharmonic Orchestra. He first joined the Champagne Music Makers in 1961, when the string section consisted of six violinists, one cellist and and a viola. Hyams most often played the viola, an instrument which looks like a violin but is actually larger and plays deeper notes compared with a violin.

Hyams also performed as a session musician, providing backgrounds for artists such as Frank Zappa, Harry Nilsson and Bobby Darin. Plus, as a concert musician, he was in constant demand to play in several symphony orchestras both in the United States and in Europe. Until the last week of his life, at 97, Hyams was sailing his boat, smoking cigars, playing cards and drinking whiskey with friends and family.  Hyams passed away on January 24, 2015.