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Michael Redman, Jr. is familiar to many audiences both by sight and by sound. Some people recognize Michael as a cast member of such vintage TV series as The Smothers Brothers, Donny & Marie and The Lawrence Welk Show. And many listeners recognize his voice from his solo albums, commercials, as well as various records, cartoons and film soundtracks. He can be heard also on many Walt Disney and Hanna-Barbera creations like "The Little Mermaid", Yogi Bear and The Flintstones. And recently, the entire Redman family completed their vocal work on a Disney film, "Perfect Harmony", in which Michael's wife, Cinda, and their two daughters, Jennifer and Melissa, all joined forces.

Michael continues his performance schedule of solo concertizing and recording, as well as sharing co-hosting chores with his lovely wife, Cinda, on TV fund-raisers for various charities and PBS pledge drives.

Pamplin Music is currently distributing Michael’s latest solo album entitled “Michael Redman---Yesterday and Today”.  The album is a mixture of pop, contemporary Christian, inspirational, standards, big band and a touch of jazz.

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