Lawrence Welk Show
Billy Wright, Violin and Trombone (1955-1961)
Lawrence Welk's Talented Violinist, Fiddler and Trombonist

Billy WrightBilly Wright was a violinist on the Lawrence Welk Show from 1955 to 1961. Wright was born in Oklahoma City, OK on February 13, 1917. He began taking violin lessons at a young age and attended the University of Oklahoma where he played in the symphony and became a concert master. After graduation, Wright left for California in the 1940s to play for Bob Wills and Tex Williams. In 1949, he joined Spade Cooley as a fiddler player and trombonist and later worked in the early 1950's on the Gene Autry TV show.

Wright joined the Welk Orchestra in 1955, the same year the Maestro's show debuted on national television and for the next six years was part of TV's most popular string section which included Aladdin, Dick Kesner, Bob Lido, Kurt Dietrle and and Jimmy Getzhoff.  

After developing diabetes, Billy left the show in 1961.  He continued to play professionally, however, until he passed on in 1975. He was the father of two children.