Lawrence Welk Show
Ava Barber, Country Singer (1974-1982)

Ava BarberAva Barber was born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee and began singing professionally at age 10. At age 15, she joined a local "Country Music Show" in Knoxville and stayed with the show for four years. The show was carried on thirty television stations which gave Ava good exposure. Ava began performing around the Knoxville area, and even recorded for a local record label. Then Ava's mother, an avid fan of Lawrence Welk, suggested Ava send Mr. Welk a tape.    Ava wrote to Mr. Welk in 1973. A couple of months later, Ava received a letter from Mr. Welk, wanting to have her on the show. Ava and Roger flew to the west coast in February 1974. Ava did her first show and was hired as a regular right on the air by Mr. Welk. Ava pursued her recording career.

Ava experienced success with her recording of "Waiting At The End Of Your Run." She then scored big on the charts with "Bucket To The South," going all the way to #13 on the Billboard Charts and #12 in Canada.

Ava continues to perform around the country at places such as the American Music Theatre in Lancaster, PA and the Welk Theatre in both Branson and Escondido, CA.